#19 - Wrap Up Episode For 2020

Den and Courtny reflect on the year we just went through, and discuss our plans for 2021.
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#17 - Christos Matskas on Going From Consulting to Corporate and Building Identity Tools

In a surprising twist, this week we chat with Christos Matskas on two topics - transitioning from consulting life to a corporate life, as well as about building identity tools and services in the cloud.
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#16 - Bill Kenney on Building Brands That Last

This weekend we go outdoors with Bill Kenney, co-founder of Focus Lab, a branding agency that is entirely remote. We talk to Bill about the importance of a good brand and what distinguishes professionals from amateurs in the field.
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#1 - Remote Work

In this episode, Courtny Cotten and Den Delimarsky talk about what it takes to work remotely, along with some tips and best practices.
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